"Let It Snow!"

Side note:
The UPS man from the prev post...
Well, we weren't expecting anything.
It was for  the neighbors next door....booo...
However, I love goodies from the "Brown Man".

Ta! Da!
These are some pics from our first snow here
in Arkansas.
In our backyard.
6 inches.
In 1 day.
The Mr. was like a little kid.
He exhausted me!
Running window to window,
having every weather report on.
On every TV in the house.
I even bought him a weather station for Christmas...
Perfect Gift for him.
But , he gave a play by play
for every snowflake that
He was in-out,
alllll day!
It fell on a Sunday,
and stopped the whole town on Monday
I was scheduled to work and NOOOO
phone call from our manager...
from anyone if we were closed...
could not get a hold of anyone who knew anything...
So I beeeeegggggeeeeddd the Mr. to drive me to work
Monday morning,
to at least take care of the animals.
{our kennel person was unable to make it to work the prev. day}
Not hearing a word...so I headed to work.
The car handled amazingly excellent.
{The Mr. is an amazing driver too :)}
So, as suspected not a soul at work.
So he and I started taking care of the animals....
I get a text from my manager..
"We are closed...due to snow"
Oh well.
We took care of them and I stayed with one of the Dr's that showed up, with 1 other tech, and 1 receptionist.
Took cancellations all day.
Good times.

I love the snow.
It reminds me of Home.
If only we had

We are still expecting our worst yet!
More pics soon to come :)

Going to the boat show this weekend.

Have a great day
and make the most of it.


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