Itchin' for Great Weather!"

So, our  high was in  the low 70's over the weekend....
Oh what a boo-tee-full day!
Ohhhh it was nice and warm :)

Men had short sleeve shirts on...
The women had skirts and boots rockin' it!
Oh how I love thee...
The weather made me smile..
even though I was at work most of Sat...
I can't wait for SUmmer!!
I'll go ahead and take Spring first..

But since it was beautiful out we went to the track..
And so did most of Hot Springs...
It was packed!
The horses give me chill bumps..
Very gorgeous animals :)

See the starting gate behind us?
I begged him to stand in the sun and not in the shaded bleachers...
or stand inside..

Well, the weather teased us tremendously
 and now
back to cold weather again..
Make the most
of your cold day! :)


Christyrenee said…
It looks like you had a lovely weekend! Great pics!! =)
Jen~nae said…
You too are soooooo cute!!!! Miss you guys!!!

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