"Wine anyone?"

The Mr. and I are not 'drinkers' at all.
more like,
 'social' drinkers.
I have to ask him what I like...
That's how much we drink.
Once in a while a beer or something...
But if we are at a gathering or something...
and I hear,
"would you like a drink?"
It sounds classy in a weird way...
{BUT always decline b/c we are driving...scared of the little blue men with red & blue lights. They are scary}
reminds me of soap operas or some kind of movie I watched. Where they go to the liquor cabinet and get a drink. I always watch them make something and think?..
How do they know what to carry?

So, when moving here to Arkansas we've had a few gatherings with people who have a bar in their home and it's so neat looking.
So, I saw this "Birdcage Wine Rack" and freaked!
How perfect!
The Mr. just looked at me...
"We don't drink, let alone enough to have a wine rack in our home"
Me: pleading and cupping my hands together...
He caved.

So, we love it and it looks classy.
After having it in our home, he really likes it.
We went to the liquor store and tried to fill it up.
Us both, not having 1 idea how to make drinks.
So, I grabbed the manager
{the Mr. headed to the clearance section??? Clearance? In a liquor store? yup.}
So, I told the manager what drinks we like..
He filled my cart up,
then told us how to mix them.
{in all honesty...they are all still sitting there..social drinkers...}
But so far, we really like our Bloody Mary's.

A co-worker told me about this little bottle of heaven.
Chocolate Wine!!
I have purchased 5 bottles and they are all gone.
Not by us.
We took bottles with us to dinner party's.
A total hit with everyone.
Gave some away for Christmas with personalized wine glasses...and took a bottle to the scrapbook retreat.
The ladies loved it!
If you don't like wine...try this.
We don't like wine at all.
Not quite sure how to pick'em out...
but this. This is wonderful!!!
Tastes like spiked chocolate milk.

Have a wonderful day :)
Try something new and love it.


Anonymous said…
Saw the title of this post and was like "yes please!" I enjoy a glass of wine on Friday night after the work week is over and done. Who would have ever guessed a liquore store has clearance?! Pretty crazy
Anonymous said…
That is really cute!

My guy and are don't drink at all. OK, maybe we split a cocktail once or twice a year...and don't finish it. But we do have a wine rack, mostly because it look nice in our house. Silly, I know. I'll buy some wine when I see a good deal or something, that way we always have a few bottles on hand for when we need to take one as a hostess gift or something.

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