"We Run With Scissors!"

I had the
Wonderful Pleasure to spend
A whole weekend...
{last weekend that is..}
We stayed at a cute place on the lake.
In a cute lil' cabin....
very nice... :)

The Snow was special ordered for our
Retreat :)

Where we stayed...

The beautiful View from the back deck...


Here they Are!!
Ta! Da!!!
The Ladies!
group of Ladies! :)
Brenda said it the best.
When her family surprised her for her Birthday and showed up with balloons in all...
she was so excited when introducing her family life to her Scrapbook life.
She said,
"I want you to meet the Ladies.
These Ladies understand me!"
Very well put.

Our group was a large group..
so we had two cabins with a joining room.
We just opened the door and we can talk
YELL  to one another!
Good times :)

Nothing like a "good morning" pic....

Our lil' souvenir T-Shirts to go along with the
Retreat! :)

My MESS scrapbook area...

These two Special Ladies had the wonderful
weekend to celebrate their birthdays!!

These Two Ladies had the wonderful chance to meet...
Tim Holtz.
justa weeee jealous...

{That was for you Cindy :) }

The food.
The Food was

still my mess....

Oh and these goodies!
We had the great pleasure to make little things while there...
Like: Buttons for pencil/pen toppers!
Banana Bread in a Jar!
yes, A Jar!
Miss Vicky brought these and I don't have the heart to eat it.
It's too pretty.
To me it's like the ship in the wine bottle.
It's just awesome!

Okay these same group of Ladies are attending our home for
"National Scrapbook Day"
In May.
I have alot of planning to do!


I really wish I was good at scrapbooking because I so want to do it, but I just don't have that eye or whatever. You should post some of the books you've done!
Christyrenee said…
Aw that looks like so much fun!!! Thanks for sharing the pics =)

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