"Sew Crazy!"

Okay, when it comes to gift giving...
My Mr. ROCKS!!!

He got me into scrapbooking...
And all these
different crafts...
He's WONderFul!!!

Sew..(get it?)
for Christmas...
He presented me with an
Embroidery Machine!
I love it!
he's been playing with it sooo much..
I don't have a turn yet..
{anything mechanical...
he's on it!}
He made me several things...
I love this!!
More ideas for gifts...
{If I remember to send them..}
He's made:
*scrap towels for my craft room with a cute design on them
*our bath towels have our initials on them....{love it}
*cute decorated covers to cover my machines in my craft room
*cute owls on my pullovers..

He's rockin' with this thing!
I'll be able to play with it..someday.
Until then,
I'll enjoy the cute things..
he comes up with.

Have a great Day :)


Krystal said…
So Jealous! We sell those machines at my store, and oh how I want to take one out and try it out! hehe enjoy it!

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