Now, That's Gonna Leave A Mark!"

Oaky, first off:
He's okay. He lived.
I told my Dad We really want a boat..
He sent me this.
A guy who was going to fast, couldn't make the turn.
Ejected from the boat onto a post.

My opinion:
This is a awful sport.

The look on this poor guy's face....
Ladies and Gents.
Is gonna hurt.

.." I saw this in the went something like this.."

Okay, Take a min. or two AND REALLY look at this pic!
Everyone in this picture has thier hands up to shield them from this bat.
The poor dude who was falling asleep, didn't.
Ha! Ha!
*Oh yeah, check out the lady with the glasses on and still eating away!
*The other lady holding her head, but holding her drink up so she doesn't spill it!
Must be beer....let's not get crazy kids and spill the beer!
*The guy in the black shirt completly turned around looking at the victim like:"Man! That's gotta hurt! Sucks to be you!"

What's the chances!????

Take it like a man!
Ha! Ha!
Again, I feel this is an awful sport.
Bull: 10
Man: {Hole in}One!
Ha! Ha!

Have a great day
 and don't have a Day like these people.
Be careful out there! ;)


Summer said…
Ouch! That poor guy in the first pic! Eeeeek! I guess that was you dad's way of saying don't buy a boat LOL....

Sooo that pic with the guy that got hit with the bat....that lady holding her um beer so it won't spill cracks me up! That's funny! It's like she is saying um if you hit me with that bat you best not spill my beer LOL

Summer :0)
Trish said…
OMG I think I am gonna throw up my breakfast....not to mention the fact that I will never ride on our boat with the same "care free" feeling I have in the past!

...and now my crotch hurts too!!!!
Jen~nae said…
JODY TRUE!!!!! Those pics are DISCUSTING!!!!! GAH!!! That boat post picture gives me the CREEPS!!! And that first bull picture is icky icky you can totally SEE the horn all the way up the guys shin!!!! GROSS!!!!
ok i don't even know what to say....that first picture had me in total on earth would one even attempt to pull that out! ha ha i'd be the worst nurse/doctor b/c i'd be dying laughing!
Amanda said…
agh!!! painfull!!! but funny. you can always make me laugh!!
Shayla said…
this is one of the post where you laugh really hard and get grossed out at the same time!!! haha

those pictures are insane!!! Ecspecially the first one!!!!!!!!!

the one with the horn up the shin is amazing, the guy isnt even bleeding yet!!!
Kyla said…
OMG- those just made me CRINGE!!!
Miss Anne said…
Jody!!!! next time put a warning!
i'm kind of DYING!


Brown Girl said…
OMG, you and your sick sense of humor!!! Those were crazy!
You are too much girl! Always find a way to make us laugh...but cry/be in pain at the same time. Love it! :-) HAHA
Miss-happypants said…
Awwww man! The one with the log still has me hurtin just lookin at it! OMG!!! That's crazy that he lived through that. Still get the boat by the way. Just slow down around those posts. lol

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