"Exploring::::Little Rock, AR."

What a wonderful Day we had!
We left early sat morning and had to do some errands in Little Rock...
so we hung out and just bummed around.
We went clothes shopping {Yippee!!} and we found this little
restaurant..that. oh.my.land!
It had the BEST RIBS EVER!!
I don't like ribs.I'm very picky about how they are cooked..
But this place in Little Rock is the BOMB!
It's called "Shorty Small's" and I tell you what!
Its so worth driving 100+ miles..or even more!
I only ate half so I could savor the taste and have it later..The Mr. did the same..
Then, like buttholes! We left our left-overs on the table!!!
I was sick. I was soooo mad at myself.
All I could think about how stupid I was, and how wonderful those ribs were..
What a moran I am!!
GGRRRRRR!!! I'm still pissed at myself!!
It was a full rack when you put our left-over together..grrrrr...

But a good thing:
The manager was a dead ringer for "Edward" on "Twilight" Ladies!
Not joking.
I even asked to have his picture taken.
The Mr?
What did he do, you ask?
He chuckled..he can't take me anywhere I say!

But the manager was very nice and professional!
We plan on going back here soon for more ribs..

Then, to top it off:
We went to see "Avitar"
One word:
I hope everyone is having a great weekend! :)


Glad you had a fun weekend!
Jen~nae said…
Jody you're a goof! :) He does look like Edward though! That freakin SUCKS you guys both forgot your leftovers!!! AHHHHH!!! How could that have happened??? Man that sucks... But you can always go back! :) AVATAR IS THE MOST AMAZING MOVIE EVER!!!!! LOVED IT!!!! Glad you had such a wonderful time Jody True Who!
Trish said…
Sounds like you guys had a great time!

You are such a cutie in your Team Edward picture....funny!!!!
Miss Anne said…
Oh Jod!!! I hate when i leave my leftovers on the table! Especially when they were delish!!

Sending you big love today.. miss you bunches!

Meg said…
Ah, I love Shorty Smalls. They have awesome hamburgers too! ;)

Glad ya'll had fun!
Miss-happypants said…
Sounds like a fabulous time!!! And he DOES look like Edward! :)

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