"Never A Dull Moment.."

A Dull Moment here in the "Mr. and Mrs. FancyPants Household."
I sometimes wear a nightcap-thing-y to bed when he wants to either watch TV or dink around on his Laptop...

So, I thought it would be funny to paint  eyes on my little nightcap-thing-y...
So, I sneak-ily put it on and then roll over and act like I'm looking at him.
Oh yea-he cracks up...
he tells me it's kinda creapy and my eyes are crooked!
He couldn't have been more right about it!
But, I still wear it... Ha!

On a differ note!
I love me some good smackin' Pancakes!
I found this pancake mix in a can!
I loved it...
I don't like to make up a whole batter just for a few quarter-size pancakes...
So, how perfect is this!!
Low-low fat, calories,and carbs..

However my beautiful Family and Friends:
Have a Great Day!


Kimberly said…
I am going to look for the pancake mix in a bottle! that's a great idea.
Summer said…
I heart you! You are Ha-larious....That is sooo funny! Sounds like something I would totally do and then paint the eyes crooked LOL....funny stuff!

Ooooh where did ya find the yummy pancake mix stuff in a can? I need some of that!!

Hope you had a great weekend
Summer :0)
Trish said…
Where the heck did you get the Batter Blast??? Kyle would love this! He loves making chocolate chip pancakes...more like he begs me to make them all the time. This would be something easy that he could make on his own.

Ashley said…
You are hillarious!!! That sounds like something I would do!
Pahahhaah girl I Love the eye mask that is so funny...
Shayla said…
hahaha!!! i love your crooked painted eyes :)

I use the pancake stuff where you add water and then shake it up and pour it out!!!
Lindsey said…
Pancakes sound so good right now!!!
Miss Anne said…
you always make me smile :)
love you sweet pea.
Amanda said…
omg! pancake batter in a canister!! that's absolutely genius!!
and your "eyes" are awesome!
The Pink Chick said…
Ha ha ha! I love your sleep mask!! So funny!

By the way, I received my magnets in the mail! They are absolutely precious!! I love them! Thank you so very much!!!
Jen~nae said…
hahahhahah That is hilarious! I would have screamed if I'd seen something like that!!!! Only you Jody...only you. :)
Tracy-Girl said…
You two are so funny.. I love the eye patches... sometimes TL wears them and I crack up!!

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