"Great Day Off..."

I foud this cute chalkboard @ a flea market in some little quaint town...
on my way back from my crop....

I HAD to have it!
I love the detail it has...

I found this chalk holder-thingy, and an eraser....it HAD to match..lol..
So I made it match...

And to support my addiction.
I'm taking up a collection.
After it's filled, I plan on getting a "Michaels" card...so I know it only goes for my
The Mr. walks by and donates every now and then.. :)

I love candles.
I love the LOOK of them.
They have to match my decor..
If not, I make them match.
Made this yesturday,
 and I love the way it turned out.
It makes me miss Oregon.
The wheat fields,
 and the old barns,
 on the old country back roads..

Have a great day!!


Trish said…
I love the knob on the chaulkboard. That is too cute! And of course you know I love you candles...hehehe...I still can't bare the thought of burning mine. She just sits there an looks pretty :O)
Summer said…
I love that chalk board! So vintage and sooo cute! The owl is presh on that eraser! Really cute!

LOL about your scrapbooking piggy bank! I need to do that with my purse addiction :0)

Hope you have a fab day friend
Summer :0)
Jen~nae said…
That chalk board is CUUUUTTTTEEEE!!! How do you FIND these things??? I'm still up for you decorating my apartment!!!! hahah
Kyla said…
That piggy bank is just too cute girl!!
jenn said…
cute things :o)

love the chalkboard!
Amanda said…
okay, LOOOVE the chalkboard and the candle is gorgeous!! I love candles, i buy them all the time!
That chalk board is TOO CUTE!
Expat Girl said…
Ohhh I loveee that chalkboard its so cute!
Miss Anne said…
Love your chalkboard to bits and pieces!

I'm still dyin over the owl stuff!

For the record... Oregon misses you too.♥
Anonymous said…
I LOVE the chalkboard!!! I want one!!!:)Very vintage cute and stylish!!I need one of those little banks too cute!!!You find and do the cutest things!!!!:)
Thank you for your sweet words earlier....You always know what to say! You are so sweet! Have agreat night pretty girl!
Miss-happypants said…
Love your candle and your donation jar! Wonder if anyone would add to a jar if I made one. lol. I think it's cute Daren donates to the cause. :) He's so sweet!

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