"Dexter, your so bad. but good."

The Mr. has now got me hooked on this Showtime series,
I have to admit:
I love it!
His sense of...humor? character?
is just
He says and does, what we wish we could do..
But everything in the world IS and HAS to be
politically correct...blah!
Not according to Mr. Dexter!

Love this seriesand only on the 3rd season :)
Now, the character that plays his sis.
She has the foulest mouth.
and I love her!

Great show and rec. that you all start watching.
It's addicting!!


Amanda said…
I've only ever seen the pilot, but those are seriously awesome books!! Jeff Lindsay has I think three out now, I plan on rereading them because it's been a whiiiile since I have and they are sooo worth it!!
Summer said…
I think I'm gonna have to now! I have never seen it before but you may have twisted my arm to buy Season 1 and start watching....

Summer :0)
I haven't ever watched that show..
jenn said…
i have heard this is a good show..just haven't watched!!

i'm doing a giveaway:

I can't lie...I've never seen that show! But a few friends have mentioned it is really good, lol! :)

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