"The Skinny on SKIN-KNEEEE!!!"

This is awful.
I just go this e-mail...
I feel so bad for these women.
How do they think this looks good?
Is this what we think beautiful is?

The sad thing I bet these women think they look good.
I bet they don't feel good most of the time.
I bet thier skin hurts. Really, think about it....
It's skin on bone.
No fat, to absorb the impact-
of simply sitting in a chair.

This is a sickness.
I wanna go eat a whole pizza.
By myself.

Have a great Day Ladies and Gents!
Have the upmost respect for yourself.
If you don't.
Noone else will.
quote: me


Yuck, do people actually find that attractive? It's so sad that these women to do this to themselves, probably from the pressure of our society. I'll join you in that pizza! Have a great weekend!
Kaycee said…
Hey I'm a new follower of yours! This is soooo sad. My Husband and I actually were talking about the fake image the world has made for woman. In one way or another noone's body is ever thin enough and that is depressing to hear. I think I might join you in eating a pizza hahaha.
Emilia said…
Hello :)
I' sorry but this is a mistake : the models on these photographs have been touched up by some pro-ana groups. The models on these pictures have never been that skinny (especially Gisele Bundchen, 5th picture) ! And fashion industry would never let a model like that work.
But a lot of girl who want to "lose weight" touch up the photographs to make the girls look thiner. It's really sad but it's true.
That's it. :)
Heather Bailey said…

Having a baby is scary!! ><
Miss-happypants said…
It is amazing what people do to themselves trying to look beautiful. Some of them look like they could snap like a twig. I can't imagine feeling or looking like that. Good thing I'll never have to worry about it. lol

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