"Good Weekend"

(Crap! I spelled restaurant wrong! Good job dork-Jody..)

Great Weekend..so far..
The "Bike Rally" is in town and Harley's, choppers,
custom bikes everywhere!
Very nice...
So, headed to the heart of the action and ate at a lil'-hole-in-the-wall-restaurant.."Picante's"
It was the best-est Mexican food we've ever had!
Not all the food tasted the same..
It was wonderful!!
Very unique..
Come to Hot Springs?
Look Me up!
We'll go with ya!

Have a great day!


Sunny Day said…
That wouldn't be Hot Springs, Arkansas by any chance would it? I am originally from Jonesboro.
OMG!! If you said Best Mexican Food I'll be there in jiffy haha I love Mexican food Mmmmm..
Miss-happypants said…
That drink looks so yummy! I love BIG FRUITY EXOTIC looking drinks. They're so much fun!

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