"Calling All Plant People! & The Sweet Arrival Of Fall"

Yesterday while out shopping with the Mr.
Going to "Bed Bath & Beyond" is always a treat to the senses...
Then much to my surprise..
Fall Items are out!!
How exciting!
Fall is my most favorite season!
Cold enough for a sweater...but can still wear a long skirt with cute boots..
I love scarves!!
Oh and the cute gloves!
The smell of homes are filled with Pumpkin Spice and
such welcoming aromas....ahhhh...:)
I heart you Fall.
I'm awaiting your arrival :)

Okay, I need Help!!!
The Mr.'s work sent me these flowers (?)
For me to plant, or keep in the honor of my fathers passing.
It's for our new home..
I love it.

We both have no idea what this is?!!
We looked all over the Internet...
Indoor? Outdoor?
Lots of attention?
Light? Lots?
I have NOOOOO green thumb(s)!
What so ever!
We have cactus in our home...
if that explains alot here.

So if anyone knows what this is..
please give me a name..I'll look for the rest.
Thank you!
Have a great day


The Park Wife said…
Hi Jody! I have a couple of ideas on the plant, let me research a bit. Hey, this is how I got started gardening. No kidding, I had a black thumb (my whole family does) and after my dad passed away I brought all the plants home to Arkasnas. Six years later I have a farmers' market.
Joycee said…
Hey girl! That's a coleus
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ and it can be indoors or out! I see you guys are buying a house, very exciting! Know your head is buzzing with so many ideas, things you will change and add. I think I've told you already, our youngest daughter Amy is a vet tech in Texas. Thanks so much for stopping by Granny Mountain this morning and hope you have a great day...
Goodness it's been a little while since I've popped over here. I am so so SO sorry to hear about your dad. What an incredible loss, you are in my thoughts and prayers!

I am so excited to see that it looks like you have a new home!! HOW EXCITING!

I loooove fall! I am SO excited and ready for it to make its appearance!

I hope you have a wonderful Monday, sweet friend!
I wish I could grow plants, but we live in a townhouse!
Miss-happypants said…
Let's see....I'm sure you definitely want my advice. It's green so we know it will need some light and some water. Here's what you do. You sit it in a spot in your house and when leaves start falling off you know you need to water it. That's what I do. It works quite well for me. :)

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