"We Did It! We made an offer on a home..."

When the Mr. and I went to start looking at homes...
we had our check off sheet...
things that we really wanted in our home..
This home fit the bill.
He's got his shop.
I got my pool. ;)
It's only 3 bedroom though...boo....
But that's cool. I would have liked a four bedroom.
But The Mr. was like a little kid when he saw this shop.
Very nice.
It even has it's own bathroom and shower! :)

We put an offer in
....now it's waiting...
and nail biting.....

Have a great day!!


Jillian, Inc said…
Congrats! I will be keeping my fingers crossed. Love it!
Anonymous said…
wow that house is awesome,and a pool sweet!!congrats to u,tami
Christyrenee said…
Congrats! Keeping my fingers crossed for you as well ;) It's a gorgeous home, I love it!!!
What a nice open house! and that yard!!! I hope your offer goes through!
Summer said…
I love the house....eeeeeeek I really love that pool and that waterfall it looks like something off MTV cribs girl.....I will cross my fingers and toes for you that you get it :0)
I know your hubs will love his man cave AKA workshop and you will looooooove your pool

Trish said…
Oh I love it!!!!

Forget the shop....who needs a shop when you get a pool!!!! :O)

Hope everything works out for you.
Jen~nae said…
Oh Jody!! That house is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! I loooovvveeee ittt!!! I will be crossing my fingers and toes that you two get it!!!
Miss-happypants said…
BEEEeUUUTTTTEEEEEFFFFUULLLLL!!!! Wow...what a perfect house! It's so perfect! Love the pool, the hard wood floors, the shop (I could buy all kinds of crap to fill that place) :) Of course everything I neeeeed. Like a boat, wave runners, kayak, scuba gear and of course my bike! Oh, I guess some tools to make it look like I might fix something too. :) Can't wait to see it in person and all fixed up the "True" way. :) Love ya and miss ya sweetie.

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