"Very sad"

This is the awful stuff I have to put up with ALOT at work..
Mean, cruel, nasty people who treat animals this way.
What would possess someone to do such an awful thing?
This dog was found in the  bushes, in 105 degree heat.
She's very friendly and sweet.

I would love to find this person and do the same thing to them.
 I would love to!

There is NO excuse for this kind of behavior.
I hope they don't have  children.


Brown Girl said…
Bless you for taking care of these sweet animals, I believe in Karma, what goes around comes around and people that do that kind of shit are going to get there's, don't worry just keep doing what you do!
Christyrenee said…
Ugh, I almost couldn't read your post =( That is terrible!!! And I give you major prop's for doing what you do because as much as I love them and would love to help them, that is part of the job that I couldn't deal with. I just read about this stuff and it'll give me nightmares for weeks. That is really just sickening. Hopefully Karma will prevail!
Trish said…
Oh Jody this just breaks my heart. Why people are so cruel to animals I will never understand.

Hope she finds a good loving home with someone who treats her with lots of love!
Hardest part of working with animals by far. I managed to acquire my third dog because someone dropped him off in a park with a chain embedded in his neck. He is the sweetest pup too. Sometimes people just plain suck.
The Pink Chick said…
Oh my! Poor little thing! Is she going to be okay? How could anyone treat a sweet little animal that way?

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