"My Dream Car"

I have never been a CAR-PERSON... but when I saw this..
It was all over...
I have been dreaming of this car...well, it's not a car..kinda a SUV..
Love it!! It's everything I've wanted in a vehicle and more!
I keep looking at other cars...but I keep coming back to this one..
Meant to be, perhaps?

Have a great day!!


Anonymous said…
oh ya thats so u jody,,i love it tami:)
Miss-happypants said…
What a beautiful car/suv! That is impressive. Did you take a test drive? You should, just for the heck of it. :) I bet it's a pretty penny. I remember when my dream car was a BRAT!!! Haha. That was like the 4th grade or something. I just loved the name of it. And I thought it was so fricken COOL! Then I got a little older and wiser...like 7th or 8th grade and moved on up to the 65 mint condition red mustang. :) Still love it! You never know...maybe one day you'll get that dream car Jo.

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