"Chilean Miners"

My Heart goes out to these brave people
who are trapped in the mine in "Chile" 
for 4 months!!
Can you imagine????!!
Four months!
Not until maybe,
I was reading where people wanted to send books,magazines, and such to read?!
Not alot of light, right?
They eyes could not properly adjust..
I don't think I could concentrate long enough to want to read anything...

Sanitary situation here.
How? and where do they go to the restroom?
There are so many thoughts running through my mind!
Oh I just wanna cry for these people.
I feel awful.
I went to bed last night thinking of them,
 and wondering how they will make it.
I have been watching the news like crazy !
and spent my lunch hour reading about them..
{via Internet}
It's become an obsession with me.
I will be hootin' and howlerin' when they are rescued!

I'm so claustrophobic as it is..
Oh my heart goes out to them.
I heard two of the men were obese and weren't able to fit through anyhow?
They had to lose weight first..
Oh my gosh..
Please pray for these people.


Beth Dunn said…
definitely praying for them!
Christyrenee said…
I was just reading about yesterday and it's just unimaginable. Those poor men =(
Miss-happypants said…
Awww...this is so sad! I haven't been watching the news, so I havcn't heard about it. I can't imagine how hard that must be on their families too. I'll be thinking and praying for them.

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