"Birthday Shopping For The Mr"

Oh,how I wish we would have been pulling one of these babies home!
For his birthday yesterday he wanted to go more
boat shopping.
Okay-he gets this from his Dad.
He will look at everything and anything once,twice, three times..and then all over gain. He grabs brochures on everything he's interested in, studies it, does research, he takes his time picking out something....
I'm over in the corner drastically draping my body over a chair...
"C'Mon! We like this one.."
being all dramatic..
while, he's intently deciding and analyzing everything!
I'm make drastic decisions...he thinks{and thinks} about them.
I do love him for it..
because if I'm trying to decide on something..
he'll take the time to do all this research!
Then he tells me what I should do. :)
 At all.
We make a great fit in that department...
I just go take pictures of things and go find trouble elsewhere until he's ready..
{EXHIBIT A: pictures on this post}
So far,{ the boat pics above } happens to be the boat we will be settling on..
I do wanna learn how to fish and it's a great boat for that...it's luxurious also..
But for me, I would like him to have a great Captain's Chair!
So that is very important :)
He deserves it.
I wanna just lounge
and be fed grapes. He! He!
Wouldn't these toys be fun?!
The price$$$ Tags are crazy!

Have a great day dreaming!


Joycee said…
Hey Jody, thanks for coming by Granny Mountain for a visit this morning. Looks like you guys are in the market for a boat! Let me encourage you to take the plunge. We have a pontoon and it's like a party on water! We can take a bunch with us, lots of snackies... hey we even have a bbq grill on the boat! As long as Hubby is in his Captain chair he feels like he's "KING!" (The picture on my blog is the view from our house, Prairie Creek Cove on Beaver Lake)
oh my hubs would love to be doing some boat shopping!!!!
Miss Anne said…
how exciting!
congrats daren! :)
Very Nice! Looks like y'all had lots of fun! Those are some fancy toys in some of those pictures! My hubs is the exact same way! I know what I want and I go buy it, but it takes him 7 hours to buy a pair of cowboy boots! Haha! Have a great day!
Summer said…
Jody you crack me up! I am the same way I make quick decisions and my hubs looks, and researches, and looks again ha ha!!

Funny you took lots of pics while he was still looking ha ha sounds like me :0)
What a great Birthday gift to your hubs....Love that boat looks very luxurious....

Summer ;0)
Simply Colette said…
Lovely blog! Have a great day!
Jen~nae said…
Oh my goodness!! That is a NICE ass boat!!! How fun!!!
That's better than having an impulse buyer for a hubs!! I'm always telling the Mr. that we need to go home and think about it!!

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