"Umm.Hello? Are You There?"

What a way to make a comeback, show our trip to Graceland!
This was a great tour!
For all the die-hard  Elvis  fans out there..
This is a must see.
His home was purchased back in the time for $100,000.
I thought his home would be more grandour, however in the time it was huge! It was alot of $$$$
He sure lived a glam life...
 He Loved Bling..{man after my heart...sigh*}
He was also a very giving man.
Always buying things..{oh cars..nothing big..gulp..}for others!
He loved his cars!
He had a nice collection....
On the way home I had to stop and think:
We were in Elvis Presley's home.
Where he ate, went to the bathroom, took a shower, shared moments with Pricella..
He ate his breakfast there!
He played his music, thought up music...
He laughed, maybe even cried here in this HOME.
And we were there.
It was very surreal.
I'm so happy we went.
I can't think of anybody in history NOW who is still so loved and admired by millions,
years after his passing.
Children even now a days,
grow up and know who he is.
That says alot, for how he must have made an impact on people.
I'll make a prediction:
Michael Jackson will have the next home/property tour.
Maybe not now.
But somewhere down the road.
He also made an impact on this generation of music
and people.
I grew up listening to Michael Jackson...
I'll be in line waiting to see
Have a great day
and thank you
for not throwing rocks at me :)


Meg said…
Looks like so much fun! Andrew and I keep meaning to go, but haven't yet. :)
Amanda said…
welcome back!!
ive always wanted to go to Graceland! I love Elvis.
Miss Anne said…
so glad to see you back!

graceland is a trip huh? :) my name is on the wall out front! :)

xoxox love u!
Trish said…
I was wondering where the heck you been! I am so glad you are back with us...sure did miss ya!!!!
Welcome back!! Looks like a fabulous trip!
The Pink Chick said…
I am so glad you had fun! I have also visited Graceland! I think it is a must see!! Oh and I am with you! I would totally visit the Neverland Ranch if it was ever open to the public!
Jocelyn said…
Looks like you guys had a blast! glad you are back at blogging...i have missed you:-)
welcome back!!

i'm not a huge elvis fan, but am dying to make it to Graceland one day. Looks like so much fun!
That looks like you had a good time! I wondered if it would be worth the time and money to go. Miss seeing you on blogger!!! Hope you are doing well. :)
Summer said…
How fun! We have always wanted to go to Graceland!! My MIL is a HUGE ELVIS fan and so am I! Love him!! Eeeeeeeeek that is awesome all you were able to tour and all the pics and memories you took! You look so pretty pretty girl :0)

Glad ya'll had fun

Summer ;0)
Jen~nae said…
Neat pics Jod!!! You look so cute as always!!! Looks like a blast!!!

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