"Oh What FUN!"

So we just walked in the door from Shreveport, LA.
We went to go boat shopping and of course....to hang out at the most wonderful-awesome-ness place ever!
Bass Pro Shops!
This is the Bomb!
Coolest place ever..
just how the store is decorated is enough to go see...
So we continued our hot-sweaty-muggy day walking around at all the shops...
We see these kids
being put in plastic, and then the ball around them- blown up with a leaf blower!
and then put in a lil' pool!
We saw this the other day when we were out on the lake with some friends and I wanted to get a closer look
but we were too far away!
But we saw this person being pulled by a boat and this ball skipping across the water tossing around this person inside.
How Flippin' FUN!!
But doesn't this image just scream
However, we were laughing and taking pics..
This does look like alot of fun :)

My cute lil' find for the day.
A fat squirrel bird house.
How perfect!

Yes, the squirrels are still around.
They are lil' thieves!
Been stealing from
 our birds-of-a-feather-friends!
Have a great night.
Keep smiling.
It makes people around you
wonder what your


That is totally wild. I think my kids would so want to do it. Me...no thank you.
OMG!!! It looks like you guys had a blast I'm so jeaous....
Summer said…
That plastic ball thingy is totally wild! Um nope not putting my self in plastic LOL! It does look fun though! Wow it looks like ya'll have a great shopping center....we just have a Walmart LOL...

Cricket said…
Those pool balls are crazy but look like so much fun. I never knew such a thing existed, it's amazing what a person can learn about on blogs :)
Jen~nae said…
OH MY GOSH!!!! Those plastic ball things look AMAZING!!!! And to get pulled behind a boat in one?? Awesome!!! I would laugh my ass off watching something like that!!! lol

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