"Weird looking, Eh?" & "Birthday Wishes!"

You'll have to admit:
these are some funny looking shoes!
But have you tried them?
I have to be on my feet anywhere from 9 to 12 hours a day...
{don't feel bad for me..I'm use to this}
But alot of the time, without sitting down or resting once..
until I get home.
So, having comfort for my feet is so very important!
And I can't stand wearing tennis shoes at work!
Gahhh!!!! I hate it!
Your feet stink at the end of the day...
If my feet are hot.
I'm miserable.
And I'm
gonna let the whole world
Ha! Ha!
So, these are the ones I got,
very nice and comfy... :)
But Very ugly.

Happy Birthday
My Love
Today is a day all about him.
*we are having bar-b-q steak tonight!
*going to look at more boats and ask more Q's...
He got his birthday "gift" a little early..
A RC helicoptor..
I started something...I bought him a smaller version for Christmas..
Now. He has a collection.
The RC's are getting bigger
But hey..I'm happy for him.
He needs a hobby.
He got me into scrapbooking :)
He's to blame for that one.

Have a great day! :)


Summer said…
I have seen those around! They are supposed to give your legs amazing workouts while ya where them! I bet you look super cute in them!

Summer ;0)
Oh my those are funny looking I have seen them arond but yes you are right the are ugly.

Happy Birthday to your hunny RC helicopter those are awesome my brother had the RC truks and we use to race them on the dirt track lol... Only in Panama would they have a dirt track for RC cars lol..It was fun though..
Miss Anne said…
You're gonna have the fittest legs in Arkansas! :)

Happiest Birthday to Daren! :)
Jocelyn said…
I am sure you are rockin those shoes and lookin totally cute!!!!
I've heard about those shoes! I don't think they're that bad as far as looks.

Happy birthday to your love!! Hope all is well with you.
Amanda said…
"I like this!
You are such a wonderful, supportive Wife.
i like what you do with your blog to help others.
xoxox "
thank you so so much!! that really means a lot to me! you are sooo sweet.
Krystal said…
I have those shoes... they are ooh so comfy! but not very pretty lol.
Trish said…
Have seen several pepole wear these shoes but have not tried them. Are they hard to walk in?

Happy Birthday to your hubs...hope he had a wonderful day!
Jen~nae said…
Those shoes look like it would be hard to keep your balance... Comfy shoes are a must when you work on your feet all day....I can agree with that!!! Awww Happy Birthday Daren!!! Cute card Jody True!

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