"I knew IT!!!! I Told Ya So!"

I saw the writing on the wall with these two!
I knew they would split.
She's an attention-seeking-fake-....person.
Don't get me wrong.
 Nothing wrong with wanting attention-but don't be a fakeee-fake about it!
Show your true colors!
Vienna:I guess, when he was on "Dancing with the Stars"...umm, er, we will talk about that disaster in a moment...
She was a jealous freak! I told the Mr. .." I bet she's freaking out about now"
yip. I was right.
Jake: He turned out to be a pansy! What a dork!
He makes me wanna hit him in the face with a wiffle bat!
Smack! Right between the eyes..
When ever he danced...I'd cover my eyes like a horror flick and peek through the crack of my hands...cuz I was so embarrassed for him.
He did  gave it his best shot though...I'll give him that.
That's it.
He should have never let Tenly go.
She was True!
Heck she was from Oregon...heck ya!

Have a great day


Brown Girl said…
They both SUCK in my book. Plain and simple.
I wonder what Tenley is up to these days!!
Summer said…
I have always thought Vienna seemed fakey fakerson to me too! LOL I was the same way watching Jake on DWTS...I would be like I can't watch...then I would watch...then I would be like he is so corny...then I would watch...LOL

Summer ;0)

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