{Arkansas Rained On Our Parade..Literally...}

Once a year I look forward to this
{yes, in my world....}
The Mr. Knows that things will be put on hold so I can join friends and
I met such a *wonderful* group of Ladies this year..that you'd all
So heart-warming, sweet, smart,caring, and most of all
Talented and so creative!
**unfortunately it was cut WAAAYYY too short.
Tornado and BAAAD  thunderstorms
were coming and making it hard to travel..
boo bad weather**

Miss Sweet Brenda, her sweet daughter and her Bestie-Miss Shiela
really out did themselves!
The food...
Oh my. The food.
Well, they were so inviting and made us all feel right at home :)

They hand made all our cute lil name tags!
Cute, huh?!!

Each of Our work space,
 had a lil goody bag just waiting for us :)

I'm tellin ya..
These Ladies just made my head spin!
The ideas..

Isn't this fun!

A notebook to put all my
craft shopping Lists.... ;)

I just buy the cute paperclip holders...
Duh, you can make yer own!
Cute picture holder..
The ideas were just
so fun!!

A matchBox!
I grinned ear to ear making this!
These are great Ladies. :)

A "Stampin' Up!" rep was able to do a couple demos and
this cute owl was a part of it..
It's supposed to be a graduation owl.
But I colored outside the lines.
I did a flower...instead of a
graduation hat..

A Big Warm Thank You to these 3
Ladies who went out of there way to make it a
great day.
Thank you so much.
I met great scrap-buddies for the future*


Maria Lane said…
I MISS hearing from my friend!!!! I couldnt find you in my followers anymore:(. I LOVE reading your blog and you always make me laugh!! Hop over and join my swap this week! Promise it will be fun!!! Have a great day pretty girl!
Vanessa said…
Happy Scrapbooking day!! Amazing stuff you created! Wish I had that touch!
Trish said…
I love the book mark & the little notebook....you really should start an Esty shop and sell some of your craftiness!!!{{hint hint}}

I sure do miss hearing form you!

many hugs girl!
what a fantastic fun time w/crafting and friends!!!
Lindsey said…
WOW! You are so talented!
Jen~nae said…
I'm glad you had such a great time Jod!!! You were so worried when you first moved there that you wouldnt make enough scrapbooking friends, and I'm glad thats not true!!! :) :) I'm so happy for you that you're having such a blast and making such wonderful friends! I miss you like crazy Jod!!! And you be careful with those tornadoes!!! Thats scary stuff!!! and once again you made such amazing creative things!!! :) I love ya Jody True Who!
How A-MAZING! I love the owl book mark. IS that really scrapbook paper?! So creative! Looks like a fabulous get together!
Beth Dunn said…
Looks like fun, even if it did rain. Wish I was there. xoxo
Thanks for checking in on me! Life is crazy these days. How are things going with you Miss Scrapbooking Diva?
Miss-happypants said…
I AM so jealous!!!! I'm so glad you are still doing that. We missed it this year. It's just not the same without you JO. You guys got a lot done in the short time you did have. VERY CUTE!!!! MISS YA!

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