{Blast from the past!}

Much to my surprise I see these pix on my lil' sis's FaceBook
She was THE cutest flippin' baby!
Look at them cheeks!!
I love it!
I wanna see more pix from the past.
Funny thing...
I'll look at old pix like these...
and REMEMBER certain outfits, dresses, shirts...
and wonder???
What happened to them?
It brings a HUGE smile on my face and

Ohhhh...to be young again....
Not a care in the world.
Just what toy to play with and see how far your imagination will go...
Love it!

I wanna see others Baby pics!!
Blog about it Ladies and send me a comment!
Pull out the pixs!!


Summer said…
Hey girlie, that pic is so stinkin cute and you still are so stinkin cute....oh and Happy Anniversary girlie

Summer ;0)
Miss-happypants said…
You guys look sooo cute!!!
Awe, that is an adorable picture!! I love pics of peeps when they were little... so fun!
Old pictures make me so happy!!! How darling!

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