"Nice Dog...turn it mean to strangers..."

The Mr. and I have one of the sweetest, kindest, gentlest,
most nurturing dog I have ever encountered.....

I want to talk about women and safety.
Women and being smart in situations...
that involve owning a nice dog.

*When I take my dog out by myself,
I don't keep her tags on {her}  that have her name on it.
THAT in my opinion is DUMB!

{unless of coarse-you have a dog that likes to run away from you,
or you just can't handle your dog-say..a poodle. It needs it's name Tag}

* I don't let people pet her.
I say she bites..

My point is:
My Dog will turn to jello brand gelatin if ANYONE says her name.
Bam! They are friends and she won't protect me.

*When "repair MEN" come to my house,
{when the Mr. is @ work}
while they are knocking.
.I get my dog all "ralled up" and make her sound mean and answer the door with her right beside me.
* I never say her name in front of them.
If they ask-
 I lie.
She's learned to respond to me when I hiss at her..
* I always tell them as she's loving on them..

"..wow. Usually she bites people any minute..."

I actually used this one again, the other day.
When two creepy men,
 came to work on our water heater
while the Mr. was at work.

Some may say
{like one of the Dr's I work with...}
I live in fear.
I'm smart.
That is how predators learn their
Some people are so trusting and that
is wonderful
and I don't judge.

But I believe in protecting yourself and being smart about it.
In this day
you can't be too safe.

Have a great safe day.


Anonymous said…
Great post today my friend. It's smart to have a protector.

Happy cinco de Mayo! Hope Friday gets here soon.
Jen~nae said…
I love this!!! You are smart Jod!!! I am one of those too trusting and I wish i was more like you!!! I'm sure she would protect you if she really needed to!! She's such a wonderful dog!!
Trish said…
I love having pretty "mean" dogs. As much as Chris is gone and working nights I know that are always gonna let me know when some one is around....and my Chow has bitten 2 people before(oops) one was my BIL and the other was a man that got too close to Kyle and it pissed her off! :O)
Vanessa said…
Good post!
When it comes to people coming to my door to fix something I never hesitate to ask for their credentials and the paperwork for the work they are supposed to be doing. I will even go as far as call housing (I'm in base housing) to find out if they were supposed to be there in the first place.

If they are I will keep personal things to my self. If my husband is deployed or on course- he's coming home for lunch.
I'll also tell them that they need to rush but I have people coming over- to look like you always have people coming in and out.

I also like having a buddy system too. Keeping in touch with someone daily that way if there isn't any contact to call or stop by.
My dogs sound so vicious that I just let people think that. No use telling them that they're all big softies!
Juliana said…
Thank you for posting this Jodi! I have not been by in awhile and have really missed your blog!
Heather said…
This was great!! I agree with what you said! Hope you are having a great week!
Miss-happypants said…
You're right, Kelly could never be vicious. :) Kenzi just said yesterday that she wants to take Kelly for another week. :)
Lyr said…
I have a tiny 4lb'er.... safe... not so much. haha

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