{"Dont Touch THOSE!"}

So, the Mr. and I decide to take our poochy-dog on a walk downtown...
Very nice out.
T-shirt weather,for sure.. :)

But we are apparently the only ones on the walkway...
Then, that's when I saw them!
I didn't put my contacts in for the walk {nor put my glasses on}

So, I squint and up ahead..
I see something..?
Oh MY!
What could it be?
My neck stretches out and eyes continue to squint...
Still, can't tell what it is...
I must know!

So, like a little kid making a breakaway from the parent.
I drop the Mr's hand and took off running towards it.
What in the world is it???!

Then, right when I approach it and want to investigate my treasure-findings...
The Mr. yells from a distance.
"Don't.You.Pick.Those Up!"
I just froze.
I just got in trouble.
So, I stand there.
Hands to the side.
Grinning ear to ear.

Wondoring how.do.you.lose.a pair of

Have a great Day!

Happy National Scrapbook Day!
I'm heading to my Crop today!


Jen~nae said…
JODY TRUE!!!! That was a HILARIOUS story!!! You two and your lil adventures crack me up!!! I miss you guys like crazy!!! And that is gross about the dentures...you were going to pick them UP??!! Ew JOd!!!! :) You have a GREAT time at your crop!!! I love ya!!!
Shayla said…
HAHA!!!! CRAZY!!!!

good thing you didnt touch em!!
rofl....that is awesome...but ohhh so sad for the person who is missing them for dinner!!!
Miss-happypants said…
hahahahhaha....somebody had a rough night! I think I would notice if my teeth were missing.

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