"Okay....A little behind..."

this pic has nothing to do with anything...
Just something to put here....

But I had to take a break from Blogging and realize why I do this?
do  I do this for?
To Gain followers?

My Biggest Fan
was my Dear Father...
I guess,
 this was a way for him and I to reconnect....
For him to get to know ME.
But I now miss him more than ever.
I still keep his cell phone number in my phone.
Not ready to 'delete the contact' just yet.
He's still one of my friends on my FaceBook Page.
Whenever I come across either one.
All I think about  is:
"God,I miss you and would really like to talk to you right now"

I will revamp my Blog Page  and do this for my sweet Family and Friends back home.
And to some of my Sweet followers here on Blogspot...
You'll have to please excuse me...
I had NO idea people even still read my blog,
 Til I got messages!
Thank you!!
My un-loyal followers dropped me,
 and now I have less followers
But I know who my 
friends are.

Life just gets gets away from you..
Thank you for understanding.
and I will catch up. 
I'll do this blog more for me
and for the reason WHY I started it
 in the first

I guess more will drop me..
Be Back tomorrow!!!
{Heaven has Internet.
My Dad will be able to still read it from there.}


Lindsey said…
It's ok, I understand. Been there too! I have to remind myself to do the blog for me too sometimes, it's all good!
Amanda said…
awe! im so sorry to hear about your father! :(
Kaitlin said…
Welcome back. I was thinking about you and your bloggy the other day. I was looking for a good chuckle and you always post funny things. You were missed!
Christyrenee said…
Aw it's so good to see you on here Jody! I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad =( I didn't know as I went through quite a hiatus myself for a bit. I love your blog and reading your posts!!! But I do understand that sometimes life gets in the way, tragedies happen and sometimes you just need a break. Xo
Jocelyn said…
Sometimes you just need a break from blogging...and that's ok! Sending you big hugs via the internet!!!! I have missed your posts!
The Pink Chick said…
I still read! Good to see you back sweet blog friend! I hope all is well!
Oh I'm so glad to hear from you! I can't even imagine what you must have been going through with the loss of your father... Glad to see your getting back on board :)
Jen~nae said…
Oh Jod! This brought a lil tear to my eye! I'm so sorry your're missin your dad, I'm thankful you decided to keep doin your blog because I know I'm not the only one who LOVES to read them! I'm way behind obviously, so I will be catching up on your posts! I love you very much girly!!

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