.8.1.09.."Let's Shop!"

I may or may have not shrieked, clasped my hands over my mouth, my eyes W I D E , and jumped up -n- down. when I saw this.

Yes. I freaked.
I have frankly no idea.... what I'll do with it.

But just one of those things... you don't see very often, and for $10. It's going home with me.

I may or may have not pushed it out the store.
Like a regular size shopping cart...


Meg said…
Well that is certainly different. I've never seen anything quite like that before! ;)
so cute!! I love pieces like that!! Let us know where you put it =)
Miss Anne said…
I dont doubt that.
I wish I could have seen it tho!

Ashley Pizarro said…
That is such a unique piece! Please let me know what you are going to do with it. Take a picture of it when you get it placed in the casa and let us see it!
On the one hand, it's a great way to get your fruits and vegetables into your diet. On the other hand, if the picture is a full scale model, it could be a bit much. Either way, I love it!!
Heck I would have paid ten dollars to see you push it out of the store! I am laughing so hard....LOL. I love it!
And if anyone can make it work with their decor it will be you! LOL
Jen~nae said…
What in the heck is that thing??!! haha Who thinks up something like that?? lol Oh boy....I can TOTALLY picture you pushing that out of the store like a normal sized cart!!! haha Too bad you didnt get a picture of that!!! That thing is SOO cute! It reminds me of those lil carts we pushed around in that scrapbooking store in Corvallis! That was a lot of fun! haha You're such a doll Jody True!
Miss-happypants said…
I'm sure you pushed it out of the store! But what you need to do is push those rotten bananas out of your cart...YUCK!!!! Don't eat those.

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