"A-Ten-Shon Coffee LoVeRS!!!!"

For some awful reason...
The Mr. and I,
have extremely bad luck with two things..
coffee pots.
This coffee machine has been the best thing ever!
Fresh cup and can always have different flavors..
I do like GOOD coffee.
I like the Foo-Foo coffees...
Living in Seattle has "spoiled me rotten" with good coffee...
However, this lil' machine..
It's like going to the Cafe and having self serve!
Iced coffee,
hot tea {yummy Green Tea!},
 iced tea {gross.not a fan},
flavored coffee,bold,mild coffee...
Oh! And Hot Apple Cider!!!{leg kick}
 YUMMY To The Tummers!
Loving this machine!
{eyes wide, and extremely excited at this moment!}
The Mr. comes home at night and looks forward to his coffee.
Great machine and highly recommend it.
Just a little.
Have a great Day:)
Have YOU Had A Good
Cup Of Coffee Today?


Trish said…
Two of my girl friends have this coffee maker and always brag about the "Foo-Foo" coffee they are making. I would love to have on but just can't break myself to buy it with the hefty price tag. So I will just stick to my regular coffee machine and add "Foo-Foo" creamer instead.......this morning it was peppermint mocha...YUMMO!

Hope you are all settled in your new place....glad to you are back to bloggy land too :O)
Expat Girl said…
I cant stand tea or coffee but the hubby is obsessed with a good cup of coffee so I bought that about two yrs ago and he still talks about it and can't wait to use it again!
I LOOOOVE my Keurig! I think we have the same one! Drinking my coffee from it as we speak! :)
Jocelyn said…
We love our Keurig too!!!!
Jen~nae said…
You.Are.So.Cute!!!!! I love reading your blogs!!! Crack me up!!! I miss you very much miss Jody True Who!!!
Miss-happypants said…
You and your gadgets! You always have the new stuff! I should just call you and ask if you've bought it yet, cuz you probably have and then I can get the real scoop on whatever my heart desires. :)

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