We Are Finally Moved In! Phew!

 Okay, we have been crazy-busy-bees lately!
I have not been blogging alot lately,
 due to the fact that we have moved into our new home!
Okay we have been unpacking and settling in now,
 b/c when we both get back to work...we will have no time and will we dog tired in the evenings....
But following are a few pics to get you an idea of what's up!!!
 My craft room....yip. Crazy mess...
These are the BEFORE photos...
The Mr. worked his hind end off,
 putting up these shelves for me and making it perfect for me!
He's so wonderful and such a sweetheart.
He stayed up til after 1 a.m. and got little sleep.
Meanwhile he never complains of lack of sleep or being tired...
I LOVE him so!
 But got the idea of what I'm in store for?
 Ugh!! I do love to organize and stuff....
                                                 I'll keep you posted on that.
 This is the living room looking in from the front door.
Love the open floor space....
 Looking into the kitchen from the living room....
Note: I already have the fridge cluttered...
But it's important clutter!
Don't judge!
 Okay, this is the...um..er, table...no real dining area.
We don't dine.
We just eat...anywhere...

 But I love this piece!!! I had to have this!!! We went and looked at a furniture store that was going out of business (aren't they all?) and well, it's a wine rack!! EEKK!!
But I had to have this cute rack!
Just b/c it looks like a Bird Cage!
Ha! We aren't even drinkers....we have wine, alcohol, and  tequila from Mexico that  we haven't even tapped into yet!
 But loving the bird cage-wine rack...now I gotta get me some wine glasses/bar glasses to match it...
 The Mr. cleaning the pool....he loves it!
He even got up one morning at 6:30(with a huge smile on his face..)...just to clean the pool!!
 He says it's relaxing and really enjoys it.
I'm pretty sure we have the cleanest pool in Hot Springs...
 He's so handsome. :)

 But this is our backyard area.
Very relaxing and comforting.
Very quiet....love it.
And to top the Day Off!
I baked some goodies for the Mr.
I just made it up...
(I'm awful at following directions for recipes! I never have all the ingredients!..awful I say...)
Anyhow it contains :
Graham cracker crust with coconut shavings....
mixed with toffee chunks..
with white chocolate macadamia nut cookies layered on top....
He heats it back up in the microwave and tops it off with vanilla yogurt ice cream...
Can you say:

Have a great Day (evening)
and I'll get better  at
blogging!! :)


I'm envious of your craft room!!
Expat Girl said…
I saw your comment on my blog tonight and I was like awww I missed her where is she?!! Your house looks gorgeous, I want a pool! Cant wait to hear more from you!
Jocelyn said…
Awesome house! I love the pool right out the back and your craft room...I will be right over to scrap with ya;-)
Summer said…
Ive missed you sweet friend! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeek look at the size of your craft room what a place to get all crafty and stuff LOL.....love it! Gurl as soon as I saw the bird cage wine rack I said self I want one of those bad LOL....how awesome is that! I love your living room and kitchen it is soooooooooooo awesome.....and the pool that pool is beyond fab so I am assuming they took your offer since you moved into the house LOL
congrats pretty girl

love ya
Miss-happypants said…
Your house is amazingly beautiful!!! Absolutely gorgous!! I'm so happy from you guys Jo. What an amazing craft area! And the living room is gorgous! Kenzi's favorite part is the pool of course. She is very jealous. :)
Jen~nae said…
JODY!!!!!!!! What a GORGEOUS house!!!! You have already made it so beautiful! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your pool and the backyard!!! Ok, I must admit I was a bit nervous when I first saw that wine rack from a distance cuz I really did think it was a birdcage....and I thought you had a BIRD!!! And I was gonna freak!!! lol Im so happy for you and Daren! What a wonderful place to call home! :)

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