"No Pain. No Gain!"

As well as most of you know...
The Mr. and I have posted on our fridge, a running "Wish List".
One column for him,me, and us.
Well, I have had an item on their FOREVER!
The get permanent Make-Up.
Eyeliner and Eyebrows.
I did it!!
I just made the appointment (did research first..)
and went in and did it.
I love it!!!!

Not sure what in the heck took me sooooo long
 but I love it and it was THE BEST $$$$$ spent!
Oh my gosh!
The advantages it brings are endless!!
It's been 5 weeks now and I love it more and more daily...
However the pain.
Oh The Horrible pain!!!
If your a wimp.
I do not recommend this.
I'm a big fat baby and that is the ONE thing I never thought about.
Duh Jody!

But she's amazing!
She has people from ALL AROUND THE U.S. fly to her!
From Florida, California,....
She doesn't advertise at all.
It's all word of mouth.
I like her B/C she does the make-up
to where as you age
 it doesn't look ridiculous!
If anyone wants her name and phone number...not a problem.

However I go in,
and she starts at the eyebrows
(after a consultation...)
B/C it doesn't hurt as bad..
Then to the eyelids....
I had tears streaming down my face.
LOOONg story short.
I wanted it soooo bad, that it was mind over matter after that...
I was determined to get it down.
I'm sooo happy. I love it.
The Mr. Is THRILLED with it!
First thing he says when he sees me is:

"Baby, there are big huge guys who get tattoos all over  their body and they are tough..and then, there's YOU who is scared to death of needles and pain and you get a tattoo on your EYES!The most sensitive place on your body!
 Your the toughest person I know!
Good job baby!"
He's saying all this- and laughing in a "I-can't-believe-you-did-this-tone"
As I'm standing there with swollen eyes...raised,scabbed eyebrows!
I look like a ridiculous cartoon character exaggerated!
(The ink has to set in-so at first, it's very vibrant and BOLD!
It's fades to a more even color...)

But anyhow...after my appointment was said and done-
I was standing there going over aftercare instructions...
Then, the room went black.
She freaked!
Wanted to call 911.
I wanted to die. I was soooo

But in all.
It's done and over with.
And now I get to reap the rewards!

Have a great day!!


The Pink Chick said…
How cool! I want to see pictures of your permanent make-up!
Yes, pictures please. I don't know anyone who has done this so I am dying to see!
I'm definitely going to need to see pictures!
Your bravery is commendable. I never would have done it. I also want to see pictures--the new you needs to be seen.
Jen~nae said…
You passed out??!! You didnt tell me that little detail!!! haha Geeze Jod!!! You're WAY tough and WAY brave!!!! I dont think I could ever do that!!! And what Daren said was SOOO sweet! :)
Miss-happypants said…
First, Daren is such a sweetheart! Second, bwahahahhahahahhhahahha breath bwahhahahahhahahahahA! You really passed out?! That is funny! Did she get a picture of you? Cuz if you told her enough about you during that procedure, she would have KNOWN that you would want a picture. haha. It sounds pretty cool. Did you get eyeshadow done too or just eyeliner and brows?
Miss-happypants said…
Definitely got to see the pics!

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