Finally watched "Eclipse" last night..
No spoliers here..
but I will say,
*more action
*better acting
*more steam-EE romance scenes! :)
Then, there's one in every crowd!!
I swear!
Whenever we go to the movies...
there is some jerk who has seen it, and talking through the whole thing, someones phone vibrating loudly, just plain talking, or
Kicking my seat!
So, last night in front of us,
 this this chick had to text during the movie..
she apparently has so much to say to whomever and it's sooooooo important she has to rudely shine her beacon of a phone on everyone!
She could have called a ship in from the fog with that thing!!!
So, The Mr.
 (whom is always embarrassed b/c i always say something...)
leans over her sternly and just as annoyed as me,
 tells her to turn it off it's bright and annoying!
Whho! Hoo! Baby!!
I patted him on the back!
This is the only reason I HATE GOING TO THE theater!!

Happy 4th of July!!!


Jen~nae said…
I agree with you 100% about the annoying people ruining the theater experience! UGH!!!! Frustrating!!! Good for Daren to step up like that!! WOOHOO!!! Hopefully he didnt get too rude of a look from her! Yeah....I still need to see the 2nd movie....lol I wasnt too impressed with the first but I've heard good things about the 2nd and 3rd. :) Glad you enjoyed it!!!
I HATE going to the theater for the same reasons, but I went for this. Loved it! But hated Kristen Stewart still. Gah, she annoys me! But Jacob more than made up for that =)
Tatum-LeTard said…
I've heard from absolutely everyone it's the best of the three! I hope they (and you) are right because I am going to see it this weekend! :) Glad to have found your blog! Have a wonderful weekend! TGIF!!!!!!!!
Miss-happypants said…
An update here: I have finished my 3rd (count it....one, two, third hee hee) book! I know...amazed aren't you? I am too! Starting the final book. If you've read it donnnn't tell me! I've got to be suprised. :)

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