"Embarassing Moment #4,561,947,275....

Set The Scene:
At work. (I'm a Vet. tech)
In an exam room with 2 very sad and upset owners of a dog,
 in which- are saying good-bye to a very dear family friend.
They are sending their friend to Doggie-Heaven.
very emotional....
I have an awful cold.
You name it.
I'm going through my own personal hell.
AND to top it off.
My nose will not stop running.

To be able to properly assist the Dr. in this procedure,
I have to hold the front leg vein off for the Dr.
So I have to hold the dogs' head towards the owners so that is the last thing they see.
Their beloved parents.
(Really- it's to keep the dog from biting the Dr's face off...but it looks good..)
So both Hands are full.
u.n.a.b.l.e. to let go!!!
There goes the nose.
Oh yeah baby...full on Dripp-age!!!
I can feel coming out my nose,
it is the worst part!!!!!
And I cannot do a thing about it.
I'm thinking:
 "Well, if I let go and wipe my nose. The dog will bite his face.
Not good. Crap!"
So, while the owners are crying and saying good-bye...I put my head down
 for gravity to flow off my face.
(I looked the opposite direction so no one could see what was happening with my nose)
Oh yeah. I got a looooooooong stream of snot.
I kept my head down.
Sniffling like crazy to get in back up.
FINALLY! I let go and grabbed tissue and walked out quietly.
Blowing my nose! Thank you very much! :0

After I left,
 the sweet owners were concerned and asked the Dr.
if I always get this sad and emotional.
I DO!!!!
But this particular time/moment I was focused on
my nose.
This is the worst part of my job.

Have a great day
and keep tissue handy.


Meg said…
Ahahahaha..I had that problem once. Except I was helping the PCP I worked for do a biopsy on a patient - sterile gloves and all that jazz. what else could I do? I had to keep wiping my leaky faucet on my sleeve. The doc kept looking at me, and afterward suggested that maybe I should let the nurse assist with the other biopsy that afternoon. bwah! :P lol
Sunny Day said…
Loved it. I could just see the whole scene playing out in my mind. Great.
Trish said…
At least the owners thought it was because of your soft heart!!!
Kaycee said…
Hahaha it always happens when you are busy and can't wipe it huh? Lol I wanted to be a vet but am too scared of animal bites now.
The Pink Chick said…
Oh no! How miserable not being able to wipe your nose! I am sorry to hear that you have a cold. I hope you feel better soon!
Miss-happypants said…
Oh M G!!! That is HILLARIOUS!!!! Did the vet know it was happening? too funny! I could so see that happening to you. hahahahahahhahahaha. ha!

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