"So Nice.."

High 70's last weekend.
Mid 80's this week...
Ahhhh...such beautiful weather.
I love it. :)

Makes me wanna take a good book
and just sit in a lawn chair
 with the faint of radio music in the background..
The birds chirping drown out the music.
But not ebough to distract me from my

Just may,
 be my plans
for this weekend.

Have a Great Sunshine Day


Expat Girl said…
Sounds like a great plan to me, I am loving the sunshine, it puts a smile on my face every morning : )
Summer said…
A boy and their toys....my my what a great thing LOL....The hubs is an Audio Video tech and he is into ANYTHING Electronic soooo with that being said we have a Gimongous Flat Screen with so much equipment hooked to it, that I cannot even turn it on without calling him LOL....good grief :0)

Sounds like a great weekend
Trish said…

Since Chris has been gone my truck has gone from dark grey to some greenish yellow pollen look...not very attractive!
Perfect weather! I love it!
I love when the weather is nice...makes me wanna read, too!! :)
Meg said…
Sounds like the perfect weekend plans! ;)
Miss Anne said…
That sounds just lovely!

Unfortunately Oregon is still allowing us the beautiful rain. So instead I'll sit on my couch, with the door cracked enough to hear the sound of raindrops and a cool breeze and dream of the days of summer :)

Jen~nae said…
Sounds absolutely WONDERFUL!!!! I want that weather too!!!! To bad Oregon takes about 6 more months to get sunny! lol
Miss-happypants said…
Sounds peaceful. :)

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