I hate being sick, right before you have to go back to work..
Boo sick...
The Mr. is catchimg it also..
Sorry if I don't blog today..
Have a great day


Aw I hope you get feeling better girlie..
Trish said…
oh girl so sorry to hear the yuckies have got you down...hope you are feeling better soon!!!

{{{{{{Many hugs to ya}}}}}
Summer said…
Oh girly,
Sorry you don't feel well! That stinks! Boo on being sick! It seems almost everyone in blogland is sick! Hope you feel better soon!
That cartoon pic is really funny by the way
Take care of you my bloggy friend
Summer :0)
Expat Girl said…
I hope you feel better soon!
Kimberly said…
Feel better! I love that picture!
Aw, no fun being sick, hope you and the Mr feel better!!
Lindsey said…
Aww feel better friend!!
Amanda said…
awe! i hope you feel better soon!!
Oh no! I hope you feel better soon.
Jen~nae said…
Oh no Jod! Feel better girly!!!!!
Jillian, Inc said…
*ugh* - so sorry. I've heard there's another round of flu going around and some sort of GI icky stuff that can last up to 10-14 days. Feel better soon!
Heather said…
oh no girl, I am so sorry that you are sick!! We have had it all week and it just stinks! Hope you get to feeling better soon, love the new blog look!
Hope you are feeling a whole lot better!!! Maybe some chocolate will make ya feel better. :)
boo I hate being sick. Hope you get to feeling better soon!

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