"Any Ideas?"

Okay, I have a weird Q..
The Mr. and I just took an overnight trip out of town....
I made my overnight list...
packed everything I needed {or thought.}
.in a little bag..

I love my shower scruchie!
How In the Heck do you pack these things!
I tried putting it in a zip lock..but the thought of having
a wet -warm thing collecting bacteria in a bag...just grosses me out!
I can not use a wash cloth either..doesn't do anything..
Well, my brain thinks so..
But what do you all do when your traveling?
I love my shower gel
and soap...NO!
NO.NO>NO> Not an option.
I gave bars up YEARS ago..
I'm Barless.

Any  ideas or just comments would be great :)

They are only $1...
But still.

Stay Tuned:
Heading to the
Boat Show Today!
Here we come Gilligan, Skipper, Ginger...


Kimberly said…
I don't know the answer to that one! I would probably just buy a couple extra if they are only $1.00 and throw the one out I used at the hotel.
Summer said…
Hey girly,
I just buy an extra one when I travel and just throw it away! I'm like you at first I tried the Ziplock thing and it was a no go, I also tried to hang it to dry, like ring it out some, nope wasn't happening....so now I just buy them and throw them away....I feel like I am throwing $1.00 away....I know it's just a dollar but I soon got over that feeling LOL...
Have a Happy Sunday Friend
Summer :0)
Christine said…
If you can't travel with it then just get a new one for the hotel or wherever you are staying. Otherwise I make sure to pack them when they are dry.
I totally understand this problem. For a while (until A deployed) I was traveling at least one weekend a month to go see him since he was in GA and I'm in VA. I always use a loofa as well. I used to just bring it in a bag and try to have it dried out before it went into the bag, therefore limiting the mildew issue. But after a while I just left one there so I didn't have to deal with it...of course that doesn't solve the issue of regular travelling! :-)
Amanda said…
Yeah, i only use a loofah too (my hubby calls it a squeegee! haha!) and whenever I have traveled, I just make sure it's dried out and put it in a plastic bag, but if it isn't dry, I just buy a new one once I get there and then toss it.
Anonymous said…
id try a pantyhose net garmet bag,that way they can breath,,tami:)
Christyrenee said…
I agree, I would just buy a couple inexpensive ones, use them there and toss before you come home =)

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