"Why Not Eat Healthy?"

"Morning Star" products are the Best-est!

Even if your NOT a veggie...which I'm not...I like meat..it just has to be cooked, cut, and done a certain way.before I'll even consider eating it.

However, I just discovered  a new "Morning Star" product I have not yet tried!
Well,...I did.
Two Thumbs Up!!
It's not greasy, grody, or squirts in your face when you take a bite!
Okay, the consistancey (sp?) is not the same....
But it's very tastey!
I should buy stocks in this company or something...
Our freezer is constantly full of the two products above...{{HEART}} them!
Now, for a Real Special Treat...
Try these low cal buns with the Asian Pattie....
Top it with low cal sweet-n-sour sauce.....Yum.Me!
Have aWonderful  *Low-Fat*  Day!!


Trish said…
I love the new flat breads! I am not a huge "bread person" so these are right up my alley.

I have tried the Morning Star brand before and was not crazy about it ( I am too much a meat & potatoes girland ice cream and chocolate and popcorn and....I better stop there, huh?)
Girl you are making me hungry.That stuff looks so good.
Amanda said…
we ALWAYS have those sandwich thins around the house, love them!
Summer said…
Hmmm you have me thinking 'bout it but girl I still don't know if I can....LOL

I might try the bread though...LOL

Have a great day
Summer :0)
Miss Anne said…
I love that you are health conscious. LOVE it.

almost as much as i love you!

Jen~nae said…
You're so cute! So this must be your secret of why you stay so fit! :) I'll have to try these sometime!

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