"Retreats...we all need them.."

I just got confirmation that I got a spot for a Scrapbook Retreat!
It's at a very fancy hotel in the mountains..well, they call'em hills here...
But It's 2 + hours away and it's from Friday morning to sunday night (in March that is!)..
All our food, drinks, and room is provided! It's reasonably priced and again...I will know NOONE!
Boy, am I venturing out or what?! ExCitiNg!!
Don't let me down GPS! I'm countin' on ya Baby =)
3 Whole-wonderful-creative-deserving-stupendous days of..
*being creative*
This is when I miss my scrappin' buddies the most..
We had some great laughs and times...

Below is just a pic of how crops can look!
Looks fun, huh?
*leg kick*
compliments of Anne... =)


Jen~nae said…
YAY! I hope you have a fantabulous time! And you know you will be making even more friends!!! And making the whole place laugh out loud! :)
Fun! I love that you are going on your own...I don't know that I would be so brave. ☺
Meg said…
I'm always curious where you are going since I use to live in your current state. I didn't realize they had that many scrapbooking retreats there!
Jocelyn said…
so stinkin jealous!!! that will be a blast!!! take lots of pics!
Trish said…
where the heck are you trotten off to know little lady?

You should just come to my house and hang out with me instead :P

Can't wait to see what all you work on while your there, your stuff is always so awesome!
Maria Lane said…
That looks so fun!!!!! If I had the money to do something like that I SO WOULD!!!! That will be so much fun!!
Awe that looks like a ton of funI wish I could go I hope you have a great time..
Miss Anne said…
Gosh i miss you.
come kick a leg with me soon.
The Pink Chick said…
Fun! I hope you have a great time!!
Oh my gosh how fun!!!! I dont scrap book but that still sounds like a blast!

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