"Stop the Insanity!"

I found these in my computer....
Some older "Walmart Favs.."
My Dear Father and Sister Joanne, love to keep me updated on the people of Walmart!
...Elvis says: ...."Isn't the Peanut Butter and Bananas in the same isle?"

"Polly want a stupid person?"

Whoo! Hoo! You get'em cowboy?? girl??

What the ???????????
What do you wear when your socks don't match?......Tiny shirt.daisy dukes!

Don't let me down now "Depends"!

Need a babysitter? I'm the Lady for you!!!

Is there A Pot Of Gold at the end of this rainbow?
or trunk perhaps?

The lucky Guesser says:
You owe me $20.00...


I like it from behind
{is there a pattern here?}

You Go-Go MAN!!!

I really don't know what to say........



Diana Ross called................

This dude is just scary lookin'

His are bigger than MINE!


Summer said…
O.K. girly I am sooo glad we became blogger friends! This post is Ha-larious.....Seriously some people and the dude in the daisy dukes and to short tank top....um NO.....

Funny Stuff
Summer :0)
Ashley said…
those are hillarious! I love it! :) I like that you had those just hanging out on your computer.
Heather said…
Oh these are hilarious! WHat do people think when they leave their home? Some of these are scary too!! hee hee!
Maria Lane said…
Are those real people??? OMG!!!! There are some strange people out there............hahaha.......happy heart day girlie!!!
Kimberly said…
Lol. I loved your Walmart pictures! Some of them!?!?? wow! I don't see where I can follow you?
Oh my those are seriously so funny...I can't believe people really dress like that EW..

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