"Happy {{LoVe}} Day"

To My Mr:
Every day...
 I fall more in love with you..

Happy *Love* Day


Expat Girl said…
Happy Valentines Day sweetie : )
Kimberly said…
Hi Jody, thanks for stopping by my blog. I found where I follow YOU! I didn't see it before! I see your a vet. technican? Don't you just love all the animals that come in? I am sure its hard sometimes though.
AW! You guys are a cute couple!
Happy Valentines Day!
Miss Anne said…
happiest l♥ve day to you and D!

Love the picture girl Happy Valentine's Day to you as well.
Maria Lane said…
Happy heart day! Y'all are so cute together!! Hope you had a great day!!
Jen~nae said…
Awwwwwwww!!! :) I hope you guys have/had a wonderful Valentines Day!!!!! Sweet picture!!!!
Summer said…
Happy Love Day to you sweetie :0)
Love that pic of you and your mister....Hope you had a great V-Day
Summer :0)
Vanessa said…
Happy Valentine's Day!!!
Heather said…
Happy V-Day! What an adorable picture!! Can I ask you a random question? How do I get a signature on my blog? I love yours, and I did mine but I can't figure out how to add it. Any advice?
Nice and simply put! I love it. Hope you had a wonderful day...and sorry if my blog made you tear up, but I'm sure you understand. You always do!

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