"R.I.P. Captain Phil"

For those of you who watch or watched "Deadliest Catch"
{perhaps a west coast fav?}
 know all about Captain Phil..
He passed away a couple days ago...I believe he had a real bad heart problem.
I had the wonderful chance to meet him in May of 2009.
He is a gruff man,with a gruff voice.
I feel horrible for his family..
R.I.P Cpt. Phil..
may you catch all the crab you want in heaven.

On a different note...
I came across one of the first pictures ever taken of The Mr. and I.
How awful! It was one of those take-yer-film-in-and-get-developed camera...
Much to my surprise...the look I have!
I looked dazzed! Ha! ha!
I think maybe I was trying hard not to blink?!

I can't believe I'm sharing this picture...
He always looks handsome in pics...I always look..
Also.....the Mr. was so {{ExCitEd}} when we got a little snow!
He built his first snowman of this year...good job baby!!
{Love his hair do!}
Have a great day Friday!!!!


I saw this about Captain Phil, so very sad! I enjoy watching this show but would never want my family members out on a boat like that.
That pic of you and your husband is too too cute! Y'all are precious!!
Brown Girl said…
I was so sad to hear about Captain Phil, I love that show. So sorry for his family.
Jen~nae said…
That was sad to hear about Capt Phil....I thought of you getting to meet him when I heard that! :(
That is a funny pic! hehe You look so young!!!
SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys have snow!!!! Jealous!!! Except I'm not jealous when it comes to driving in it....Tell Daren that is a very cute snowman!!! :)
Aw that is so sad I never really watched that show but at least he's in a better place.
Lindsey said…
Oh I used to watch that! I didn't know, so sad!
Trish said…
How in the world did you get to meet him? Kyle loves watching this show all the time...I can hardly watch without getting seasick...blahhhhhh!!!!

Love the picture of you & the hubs...tehehe. I would show you one of me & Chris when we starteding dating but you wouldn't be able to see anything threw the HUGE hair I was rockin back then! :O)
I was really sad about Captain Phil. He was my favorite captain on that show! I thought he was such a great guy....even though he was rough and tough, I loved to see the way he interacted with his sons on the show.
Jillian, Inc said…
I was so sad to hear about Cap'n Phil. I got turned on to Deadliest Catch when I was pregnant with Adam and up at all hours sick or hungry. There always seemed to be a Deadliest Catch show on and so I started and couldn't stop. And..PS...love that sweet snowman!

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