Has anyone tried this?
I have been getting more and more into airbrushing..(safer)...
Then the actual tanning beds.
I have given up going to salons...
because of time,
waaaaaay to expen$ive,
 time conflicts,
I hate the way I smell,
and it's sooo baaaad for you!
I did love the relaxing part...*sigh*...

But the lil' home system is only $12 @
"Sally's Beauty Supply"...
I read the reviews and said it was great, but a lil' messy...
If I like this,
there are cheaper/better quality ones out there!

With my weight gain.....my height.....if this turns me Orange!...
"Willy Wonka" may-
 "Little-people-Nap-me" for his
Chocolate factory!

that's hard to sound out.....


Trish said…
I have always wondered the same thing. I always just go lay in the tanning bed...even though it is bad for you(so I just go March through May...hehehehe)
...I would love to start tanning now before I blind someone with my pasty white self.

Let me know if you try it...and don't worry, if WW trys to nab ya I will grab your legs and hang on for dear life! :O)
I haven't tried that but I know my friend did and she actually really liked it.I'm to scared to try self bronzer I'm always scared I'm going to turn orange...
Okay I want that if it works so let me know!!!
Beth Dunn said…
That sounds awesome. I usually pay for it at salon! xoxo

I haven't seen or heard of this, but I think you should give us all a review! Living in Seattle .... I could use this :)
Lindsey said…
I haven't tried this, I'm always afriad of self tanner though.
Miss Anne said…
Yay for no more tanning!

I've been tempted to do spray tan again (at the salon), just so i have some color, but ya, you risk the ORANGE!

let me know if you do at home spray tan!

great idea! I may have to try this!
Ashley said…
Wow...what a cool product. I haven't tried it or even seen it before. I used to go to the tanning beds all the time and then I switched to airbrushing...then quit because of the expense. Sooo I think you should totally buy this product and then let me know how it is!

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