"My Review"

The Mr. and I went to see this over the weekend...
I won't spoil it for others..
But we were  deeply disappointed...
The story was great, but the way the movie had all the uforic (sp?)
scenes....could have done without!

Two thumbs down
rated: C


{i checked my mail AFTER this post was done! Aghhhh!!!!}
My sweet "Bloggy-Buddy-Friend" sent me a card!
How sweet is that?!
Thank you Trish** :)
I know we may not know each other in "real life" but I can see us being Buds!
We think alike, rant alike,have an honestly about ourselves and life that others are scared to admit{S*** Happens!},
 and we  have a deep love for our Husbands/Families...
Your wonderful Trish**
Thanks for being my Bloggy Friend :)


Expat Girl said…
Oh I loved that book so its a shame to hear that but I kinda guessed it would happen : ( !!
Jenn said…
I agree. I really enjoyed the book and was excited for the movie. It definitely did not live up.
Yeah I was going to go see it but everyones says the book is way better then the movie so I'd rather read the book and Not watch the movie..

♥Stephanie H.
Tiffany said…
My mom said the same thing! She didn't like it at all. Thanks for your review so I know it's not just my mom!
Miss Anne said…
I loved the book, and liked the movie. I think that the book was definately better, and that guy was such a creeper!

:) Sweet card!
Trish said…
Oh girl you are so very welcome!

I will have to get this book and give it a try. I love reading and let me tell you with all this yucky weather we have been having I have plenty of free time on my hands!

Have a wonderful day!
Trish said…
OMG I just had to post another comment...you will not believe what word verification they just gave me to post my last comment??????


What the H * E * double hockey sticks is that suppose to mean....this could be a bad omen!

Who picks those crazy words anyhow?
Well I appreciate the review...I was almost going to go see it....but now I will just wait till it shows up on Netflix. Hollywood has a way of mucking up a good book with little effort.....pooooh.

I enjoyed the book....so I don't want to ruin it by being upset at forking over the fortune for a ticket.... only to wish I had waited.
Stephanie said…
I liked that book, but the movie was awful!
Amanda said…
how do you amke that cute little signature on the bottom of each post?? i cant figure it out!!

i was thinking about seeing lovely bones, but i think you solidified my worries and i think im just gonna save the money. thanks! :D
Krystal said…
The book is in my top ten of favorites, and the previews looked like they were going to dissappoint me. I will probably watch it anyway, when I can netflix it!

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