"Random Cute-Ness"

Be still my beating heart!
This is sooooo stickin' cute!

Whom ever took this picture....
It's excellent!

All together Now........

Get'em! Get'em!
Bad Dog!
He was probably chasing the horses!!
Bad dog...

Very cute!

Perfect Timing!
I hope the kitty is okay....

I had NO idea thier eyes could do this!!

Again! Together Now...

Some dogs Would jump in!

Now, this picture breaks my heart...
What a cute FacE!
Do not let this face fool ya!
These lil' creatures are the worst to trim their NaIlS!!!
THey are like holding a slippery Watermelon!
No Joking!

What? How?

Just a great picture!

Have a great day :)


Sunshinemeg said…
This is just what I needed today! These are so darn cute. Awww! Happy Wednesday Miss Fancy Pants!
Amanda said…
awe!!! those are so cute!!! that really made my day!!!
all the best!
Trish said…
O I just love them ALL!!

I love any kind of animal...they all melt me heart!

The boy and his dog in the basket reminds me of Chevy & Kyle(every boy needs a dog!)

...but I must say, the hubs would NEVER let a dog lay on his patrol car :O)
OMG..these are hilarious!!! I love dogs so much, they make me smile! The one with the baby sleeping in the dogs bed, adorable!
Pahahhaahh the one with the pug almost made me tear up his little face was soo sad .....

Jen~nae said…
Thanks for those jod! Those were CUTE! And I AGREE With you about those Pugs!!! Unless they're totally obese then they cant move too much...hehe Hope you have a great day deary!
Lindsey said…
These are SO cute!!!
Miss Anne said…
love these.
so sweet.
Kyla said…
hahah, these are too cute- I love the last one:)
Haha, that last one is too funny!
Ashley said…
Too freakin' cute! :)
Christyrenee said…
I love these! Soo cute!!!
What sweet and funny photos!

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