"Please accept my apology..."


I'm soooo sorry to the girls I'm following, Twice! Agh!

E-Blogger won't add to my "lists of blogs I'm following" list...
So, I went in and added them to my list...
then E-Blogger says I'm following.

So I thought all along I was following certain girls!
I'm not sure how to fix this...
I'm so sorry...
What a dork


Trish said…
I don't think you are following me twice...but you can if you want to :O)
Lindsey said…
Stupid blogger! Wish I could help but I'm CLUELESS about Blogger!
Miss Anne said…
I think that Blogger only allows so many sites to be followed per person. Bummer i know!

love u!

(sent you a package yesterday! keep an eye out!)
Too funny! I figured that you were following my blog twice because you thought my log was just so great! HAHA. If you want to stop "double blogging" you can go to your dashboard and under "Reading List" be on the tab "Blog's I'm Following" and at the bottom you can click "Manage". Then next to one of the double blogs click on "Settings" and you can choose to "Stop Following this Blog" I figured this out the other day because I somehow managed to make it so I was followng my own blog. OOPS! That just shows how awesome I think my blog is. J/K. Hope this helps!
Maria Lane said…
Who knows I might be doing that on accident too.....Im computer stupid sometimes.....Hope you have a great weekend preety girl!
Maria Lane said…
HEY SWEET GIRL!!! I left you a little something at over at my blog!!! HOPE YOU LIKE!!:)
Summer said…
Hi, I found you through my "bloggy friend" Maria! Your super cute and sooo is your blog....

I am sooo computer stupid with this blogger stuff LOL

Have a Great Saturday
I'm now a follower
Summer :0)

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