"AHhhh...I love these!"

I received a very sweet award from Maria Lane @

*Thank Maria Lane =}
She has a beautiful tan {I'd die for!},
she's gorgeous,
has a beautiful family,
she's just great!

I have to list 10 things about me...
Pass this on to 10 other Bloggers(boo! I hate picking..)

*I'm short.. 5 foot nothing.
*Funny (hilarious, actually... ;)
*Love my husband/families unconditionally
*I'm beginning to learn how to divide work and life...lovin' it!
*Love to craft, make things, D.I.Y. projects,...
*I love to bring smiles to peoples' faces
*My house has to be clean...and presentable at all times.
*Blogging has brought me to meet some great ladies.. & that- I'd love to meet in real life .
*People who are mean to animals..in my opinion should be euthanized themselves.
I don't give a rats a** who you are.
You should not be on this planet.
friggin' period.
*Believe it or not...I'm a very happy person :)
 Love my life.

Now to pass this on to 10 Bloggers...

Have a great Day *


Maria Lane said…
You are so sweet girl......But right now I HAVE NO tan!:(....I need to get some color on me.......I dont think Ive been this white since I was pregnant!HA.......Again....You are to kind! Thank you for your sweet compliments! You are very pretty your self! So glad we have become bloggy friends!!
Brown Girl said…
Totally agree, anyone that is mean to animals should be kicked in the face!! And then euthanized. ;)
Miss Anne said…
conrgats on your award :)
Christyrenee said…
Awww, thank you SO much!!! I'll post it on my blog tomorrow =) xo

ps - I also agree with the people who hurt animals statement. It makes me absolutely sick.
Trish said…
oh girl your the GREATEST! Thanks for the award.

I agree on the animal deal too!

And we will get together and meet someday...{{{pinkie promise}}}}
Lindsey said…
Congrats friend!
Heather said…
Thanks sweet Jody!! Congrats on your award, love reading these!

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