" I would like to Thank.."

Everyone loves Award Ceramonies..
Well, by gosh....I have a long overdue award that I have to thank My dear friend Miss Trish @
She's honest, a great Mom, wife, person, and will just plain make you laugh! Thank You Trish :)

I got this award from my Military-Wives-Blogger-Buddies...
Stephanie Hartman @ "Army Wife On a Mission"
Thank you Ladies!
Stay strong and true.

This award was given to me from,
her blog and posts are from the heart.
She's a tough cookie!
Thank you*

And who doesn't like a lil' Bogart?!..ba.by...
Gave me this award and I was real excited!!
Thank you!! Thank you!!

I'm going to be a rebel and break all the Rules! Grrrrrrrrr!
Any and all of my sweet followers may take an award and pass this on..
I can't just pick certain ones....
I love you all :)


Brown Girl said…
Ha, your so silly! congrats on the awards doll!!
You are just such a great blogger girl. Thank you for your wonderful advice and kind words..I hope you have a Fantastic Friday!!
Trish said…
thanks for the shout out...I heard it all the way over here in North Carolina...hehehe

Your the greatest lady!

Have a great weekend!
Heather said…
You're so deserving of all those great awards!! Thanks for offering them up for your followers. I snagged the BFF award...I just think it's so cute. Thanks!

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