I believe the Vending machines are rigged!

A weekend ago...I know, I know,..I'm JUST NOW getting around to blogging about it...
We stopped at a rest stop on our way out of town..
Boy! Those chips look good. :)
I put my $1 in.
It's stuck.
I put another $1 in..to knock that one loose..
It got stuck..

I put another flippin' $1 in..
Yip. You guessed it.
What are the chances?!!
So, at this point..
it's a video game..or a slot machine..either way,
I want to WIN!!!

I want those chips.

 I'm not leavin' w/out them..

Someone else will make off like a bandit if I just leave...
Oh I don't think so..

I don't care if they are dirt flavored at this point...
It's just the fact.

So, the Mr. comes over and tries moving the machine back n fourth..nope.
 cemented to the ground!
Smart man he is...stupid wife I am...
he puts another $1 in on the item next to it..
knocking them ALL down!
I jumped up and down!
Ah! We woN!! We Won!

If Life tries to Trick you..
Try A different Avenue.
Quote: Me.

Have a great Day :)


Llama said…
ohhh man! you are seriously right! THEY ARE RIGGED! It has happened to me too many times to count! Hope your well sweetie!
I hate vending machines...I have lost so much $ in them and 9 times out of 10 the snacks are old and stale.

Have a great day!
Amanda said…
hahaha! thats so funny! im pretty sure that has happened to me before!
How do husbands always manage to figure stuff like that out? Love your quote...I'm gonna have to use that one myself. Have a great day girlfriend!
Trish said…
I think they all have a mind of their own. The one here at work drives us all crazy!!!!!
Ahahahah you are to funny....
Jen~nae said…
hahahahahahaha Hope you enjoyed all those chips!!! :) :) And be careful shakin those things like that people have died from doing that! And you dont wanna die over some chips! haha
Anonymous said…
You are a trip........love reading your blog every morning!!hahah...I so would have waited til I won too before we left!!
Summer said…
You make me laugh EVERY DAY! That is sooo funny! Sounds like something I would do! I would sooo be like huh uh little snack machine your not gonna win this one....here's another dollar LOL....at least 4 dollars later you finally got your chips SCORE.... well your got four....what is up with me rhyming...I am reading way to much Dr. Suess...

Have a great day
Summer :0)
Miss Anne said…
You did WIN indeed.

Hope you enjoyed every single bite.


the "L" spot said…
that would have made me so mad i would probably just have left the minute it stole my dollar! Glad you won!!
Lesli said…
Yes, I totally agree, I have also been in a fight with a vending machine or two in my lifetime!! Funny story, thanks for making me smile!!

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