"Finding The Cheaper Ways..."

For those of you, who scrap and create come to realize very quickly how much organization costs alot!
We all love our things right at your fingertips!!
Well, in the picture above...is the great "Clip It Up"...spiral-spinney-thingy that is a great idea...you have all your embellishments,ribbon, stickers, and rub-ons right there!!However, it costs so much...boo..
{$60.00 to $80.00...gulp..}

So, the cheap scape I am...
I figured out my own way.
Ta! Da!
I bought badge clips, and simply hung my embellishments on this  white wire rack already in my craft room :)
All for $11.59.. 

I really didn't realize how much I needed this, until I started going through my stuff and hanging them..
I was like a little kid..I was getting all happy and excited for what I had.
 I forgot what I had!!
I simply forgot.
I had all this stuff. it. was. awesome =)
Goes to show you...
If you get excited when you buy something,
get home...realize you already have it.
Too much stuff?
Bad memory?
I'll go with the bad memory.
You Can NEVER Have Too Much Crafting Goodies.


Great idea! Thanks for sharing!
Christine said…
That is perfect! I am so going to have to copy this!
Sunshinemeg said…
Great post! You are so very crafty my friend. Props to you and under $12?! Way to go.
Trish said…
well aren't you just the smartest kid in the class!!!

what a great idea! I love your's much better than the "pricey" version!
Miss Anne said…
LOVE how organized you are my dear!
Watch for your package this week!

Heather said…
Love it! What a great idea! You are super clever, it's perfect.
Jody that is such a Great idea..I never think of stuff like that..
Jen~nae said…
You're tooooo cute!!!! :)
Summer said…
Girly that is a great idea! I scrapbook all Kelcee's photos and I sooo need to organize my srapbook/office room! Thanks for the tip! Your too cute
Happy Monday
Summer :0)
Maria Lane said…
THAT IS AN AWESOM IDEA!You creative girl you!!! Hope you are having a great day!!

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