"Good News!"

While the Mr. was gone...(Iraq)..he missed alot of things..I took pictures, tried to document things for him...
Let him know he was thought of, constantly!
Well, at one point: I went a step further...
After a hilarious incedent at the Dentist Office(Sept. 2008)...I didn't think JUST TELLING him about it would do justice of how funny it was...
your whole mouth being
So, post appointment..I'm sitting in my Jeep...
videotaping myself trying to talk!
Well, I was (disappointed) I could not get the video e-mailed to him!
So, I just thought I'd  shared with people....
how rediculous (sp?) I really am...
Well, The Mr. may or may have not pee'd his pants when he saw it...

But Long story..longer...
He kept bugging me to send the video into "America's Funniest Home Videos"
 So, I did.
A couple weeks ago.
And I got a response Yesturday!!!
They sent me all the legal paperwork to have the  rights to owning the video..
I did it just for fun !
But I was very  excited :)
When the Mr. talks about it..
he still gets to laughing!
I didn't think it was that
but I guess we will have to have  America decide!

Have a great Day full of laughter!!

I know
I always do... :)
If the Winter Olympics consisted of laughing:
I'd Win The Gold.
Hands Down.
I'm good @ it.


Kimberly said…
Oh that's exciting! maybe we will see you on TV!!!
Christine said…
Love it! I hope you win big one day!
Trish said…
WOW how neat! Make sure and let us know when it will be aired....I don't wanna miss laughing at your 15 seconds of fame!!!!!

And I am still here. I just haven't had much going on post about lately.

Have a great day!!!!
Summer said…
Laugh out loud that is funny! Did you see that there was a lady who one whom husband video taped her all loopy after a dental procedure....She one 10,000 dollars.... I hope you win 100,000
Yay I betcha its Ha-larious, because you my friend make me laugh everyday....
Summer :0)
Aw that is so exciting..
Jenn said…
That's awesome! I always begged my mom to send in our old video's.. I could watch that show for hours!
Jen~nae said…
YAY!!! You did it!!! How exciting!!! That would be so neat if they showed it and you won!!!! Keep us updated!!! That video is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!! My stomach was killing me from laughing after I watched that!!!!
Jocelyn said…
how awesome is that!!! definitely keep us posted when it will air...
Amanda said…
hahaha! thats awesome!!
Maria Lane said…
That is exciting and so funny!!! we watch that all the time! MAybe we will get to see you!!!! Tell us if you find out when it will air!
Miss Anne said…

Jody. THAT video is one of the funniest I've EVER seen.

If you go on the show, I'll just die!

So awesome, please keep us posted!

That is so cool!! Do they tell you when your video will be aired? You'll have to keep us posted!! And it sounds like you would definitely win a gold medal at laughing!
the "L" spot said…
oh wow how exciting! maybe you'll win something that would be awesome!!

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